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Patterns with Paypal payment

Yes... some of the PDF crochet patters are not free and have an small payment. Due to the amount of time and dedication I put on the work, I consider this purchase as way to say thanks and motivate me to keep creating tutorials and crochet related content!

Orders:  Information regarding processing custom orders
Venta Personalizada

If you're interested on a custom crochet order, please contact me, and I'll send you the complete information.


Mobile: 311 3046489 (Colombia )


Payment Methods

Paypal or bank tranfer


We ship items worldwide!
Please let us know your adress and we'll send delivery cost to your email.

Service: When you purchase a pattern or crafted item, you agree with the following terms of service.

Request a Quote

At MariaLaLarge, we're happy to accommodate custom projects that fall outside of the range of our regular products. Please contact me and tell me what you're looking for! No strings attached!


We only receive for payment by Bank Transfer or Paypal. We are require 50% deposit or advance payment after you agree to the specifications or before we start production, and the remaining balance 50% to be transferred one day after the item is done.


Basic shipping and processing charges depend on the destination and the weight of your order. We prefer to send you a quote before proceeding with elaboration.

 Quality Guarantee

Please remember that all of our products are handmade craft, so, some imperfections can be noticed.

Retuns Policy

Once the order is delivered, there is no retun policy.

Orders and Quotes   Service Policy
Whatsapp: 311 3046489
  Please check our service and delivery policy before placing and order.
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