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About me

Who is MaríaLaLarga:

It is not easy to write about me and this kind of history but I'm going to try.
My name is María Adelaida, I'm 45 years old NoMo (No Mom) from Medellín - Colombia. I have a degree in Business Management, and made a successful career out of it for a couple of decades, however it doesn't turned out to be my passion...

How did I start crocheting?

Since very early age I've been a lover of stuffed animals, specially teddy bears and dolls. Being a child, I remember helping my mother with sewing and needlework, and I tried to learn everything she made. That was my beginning with crafts.

Many years later, I grabbed a crochet hook and started to make things. It was amazing. Since then I'm hooked! Crochet isn't a hobbie for me anymore, it's something that makes me happy... to the point I often  forget about time and run errands.

When some relatives started to purchase crochet stuff from me and request patterns, I decided to create the brand MariaLaLarga.

So, every doll and object I create is made with my heart and part of my soul!

¡I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it!
Home + About Me + Patterns + Contact
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