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Ambella Flower

Free crochet pattern!


Ditch your artificial plastic flowers and replace them with these cute and artistic crochet flowers!

Let's start!
Patrón Gratis Flor Ambella Daisy Margarita Flower Pattern Free



mg - magic ring
st/sts - stitch/stitches
ch - chain
sc - single crochet
sl - slip stitch
hdc - half double crochet
inc - increment (2 sts in the same ch)

- Cotton or Acrylic yarn
- 1.5 mm Crochet Hook (Depending of your yarn)
- Sewing Needle
- Flower wire #22, 24 or 26
- Silicone gun or glue
- Scissors

Round 1:
Round 2:
6 sc, sl

Round 3:
(1 sc, 1 sc inc) x 3 times, sl [9 s]

Round 4:
(2 sc, 1 sc inc) x 3 times, sl [12 s]

Round 5:
12 sc [12 s]

Round 6:
(3 sc, 1 sc inc) x 3 times, sl [15 s]

Round 7 - 8:
15 sc [15 s]

Round 9:
sl, flip your work horizontaly (crochet in reverse), then
(2 sc, 7 ch, 6 sc, sc in same st of the first ch, 3 sc) x 5 times,
sl to join with the first sc in this round
Round 10:
Skip 1 s, (2 sc, 1 hdc, 1 hdc inc, 2 hdc, at the tip: sc, 2 ch, sl on the ch, sc on the same s, turn,
2 hdc, 1 hdc inc, 1 hdc, 2 sc, skip 2 s, sl) x 5 times (petals)

Cut the yarn.
Twine up the yarn in the middle of the wire, then fold it.
Then join both ends of the wire and keep twineing up for approx 1.5 inches. Cut the yarn.


Round 1:

Round 2:
(ch 6, 5 sc, sl in mg) x 5 times


Apply some silicone or glue to the end of the stamen's yarn.

Before it dries, insert it above the flower passing through the magic ring. Make sure the stamen is centered.
Insert the sepal underneath the flower. Add silicone or glue to the bottom of the flower. Carry up the sepal and attach it well.

Then twine yarn around tightly all the way down the wires.

When you get to the end of the stem, cut and use some silicone or glue.
  Arrange your petals and stamen and sepals correctly so they look a little curvy and smooth.

That's it! Enjoy!
Also, if you want to add some cute leaves to your flower, check the free pattern here.

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